Looking for Advice

Looking for Advice

Who should you look for the right advice?

In your personal life, you take advice from those people who truly care about you. Those who give you the right advice are not always critical of what you do. They simply want to be on your side because they think bad advice can be harmful to you. In the same way, when you need advice and someone very close to you is not available, then you look for a professional or expert to seek advice from them.

However, when it comes to seeking advice from an unknown person, you might face hesitation as you are not sure about their expertise. Probably , you are looking for someone just like a family member who could help you get out of a tricky situation.

But advice seekers and givers should refrain from applying their their own opinions, irrespective of their merit, and the fact that careful listening is hard, time-consuming work. On both sides it requires a certain degree of emotional intelligence, self-awareness, restraint, diplomacy, and patience.